Procedure information sheets

These information sheets are designed to give you more information about your operation. From the time of diagnosis there are various treatment options available to you. They provide details about admission to hospital, possible complications that can result from your surgery and your recovery in the weeks and months afterwards. Take the time to read them carefully. If you have any questions then please get in touch with us. You can call the number at the bottom of this page or send an email via our contacts page.

Once you have seen Miss Gill and you have made a decision that surgery is the correct treatment option for you, you will be given a date to be admitted to hospital for your operation. Normally Miss Gill will go through a consent form with you in the clinic, carefully explaining the risks and benefits of the planned procedure and any alternative treatments to surgery that may be available to you.

These information leaflets are designed to allow you to read them at home, they contain a lot of information. You may wish to show them to members of your family or discuss their contents further with your GP.