Welcome to the Guildford Hip and Knee Clinic

Covid-19 update 14th March 2022

Services have now resumed at the Guildford Hip and Knee Clinic. Miss Gill is accepting referrals from GPs and insurance companies.

Your initial outpatient consultation is likely to be via telephone. Although the hospitals are increasingly authorising face to face appointments. When attending the hospital you may be asked to wait outside or in your car until your scheduled appointment time, this allows us to adhere to social distancing guidance by minimising the number of patients in the waiting area. We are asking patients to wear face coverings when attending the clinic.


If imaging is required after a telephone consultation, a request will be submitted by Miss Gill. You will then be contacted by the radiology department who will arrange a convenient time for you to attend the hospital in person for your tests. A face to face follow-up appointment with Miss Gill can then be scheduled.

For patients attending for face to face appointments it may be possible for some imaging to be performed whilst you are at the hospital.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but the continued wellbeing of patients remains our priority. We are working hard with the private hospitals to keep you safe.

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Please note that currently the landline number is not regularly monitored.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Guildford Hip and Knee Clinic.

We hope that this website will not only provide you with all the information you need about our services, but that you will also find it a useful source of information about the common causes of hip and knee pain.

It is not designed to be  an alternative to seeking medical advice. If you are suffering with pain in your hips or knees and would like to see a consultant orthopaedic surgeon please get in touch with us. Miss Gill would be pleased to offer you a consultation in one of her clinics. 

Whether you develop hip and knee pain as a result of an accident, or you have had niggling pain for some time that is getting worse, it can be a worrying time. Miss Gill is a Consultant in Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery, specialising in hip and knee replacements and the fixation of  both simple and complex fractures of the hip and knee. Miss Gill works privately at the Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital, BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital and for the NHS at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.  

Arthritis of the hip and knee is a very common condition that can affect every aspect of your life. It may be that your pain is just starting to become an inconvenience or it may be severely restricting you everyday. At the Guildford Hip and Knee clinic we will take the time to listen and together we will develop a treatment plan unique to you. Whether it is a course of physiotherapy,  a hip or knee replacement or day surgery for a tear in the cartilage of your knee, we will try to make sure that life goes on and takes you with it.

Private appointments

Health insurance

If you wish to see Miss Gill privately this can be arranged via your private health insurance. You will need to contact your insurer to gain their permission to be seen, they will then issue an authorisation code which you will need to provide to us before we can book you an appointment.  

Self pay

If you don't have private insurance in place, don't worry. You can see Miss Gill on a self pay basis by contacting her secretary directly, the contact details can be found at the bottom of this page. We will advise you of the cost of the consultation itself and any likely imaging that may be required. If you are happy to go ahead, we will book you an appointment for clinic. 


If you wish to see Miss Gill via the NHS you will need to see your GP first for an assessment. Your GP may then decide it is appropriate to send a referral letter to the Royal Surrey. Miss Gill also runs clinics at Haslemere Hospital.



Recent news and events

13th March 2019 - Miss Gill provided an evening educational event for local GPs at the Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital.

14th March 2019 - The Nuffield Health Guildford hospital hosted an event for members of the public to come and hear Miss Gill talk about the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of common causes of hip and knee pain. The evening finished with an animated open question and answer session.

17-18th March - Miss Gill took  a multidisciplinary team from the Royal Surrey County Hospital to Northumbria to observe first hand a service providing daycase hip and knee replacements. This is a flagship service and one that Miss Gill is in the process of replicating locally in Guildford..... watch this space, exciting times! 

27th March 2019 - BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital, GP educational meeting with Miss Gill as one of the guest speakers.

30th April 2019 - Daycase hip and knee arthroplasty study event, London. sponsored by Quality Improvement for Surgical Teams (QUIST)

1st & 2nd June 2019 - Women's Open Keelboat Championships (WOKC), Hamble River Sailing Club, UK. Miss Gill was part of an all female yacht racing crew taking part in this annual event organised by the Magenta Project.

17 & 18th June 2019 - Joint replacement, Champions Meeting, Heathrow.

24th July 2019 - Miss Gill hosted an evening patient event at the Guildford Nuffield hospital. She spoke about the diagnosis of hip and knee pain, the evening also provided more detail about the fast track hip and knee replacement process.

25th July 2019 - First daycase total hip replacement performed at the Royal surrey. Miss Gills first patient to have a total hip replacement and be discharged home on the day of her surgery is recovering well. The patient expressed a wish not to be kept in overnight and Miss Gill was very happy to safely discharge her home 7 hours after her surgery.

9th-11th Sept 2019 - British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) Annual Congress, Liverpool. 

November 2019 - The Fast Track hip and knee multidisciplinary team win the  Royal Surrey Stars award .  

3rd March 2020 - QIST collaborative event, Manchester. National initiative to reduce infections after joint replacement surgery. 

4-6th March 2020  - British Hip Society annual scientific meeting, Newport Wales

February 2022 - Miss Gills new recovery app went live. Available free of charge to all patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery. The app allows you to monitor your progress, access or record physio sessions to replay when at home and can link to your mobile phones activity monitor. For more information please ask Miss Gill during your consultation.

**9th March 2022 - Miss Gill was elected as Honorary Secretary of the British Hip Society** congratulations!




Fast-track hip and knee replacements

The first Fast track hip and knee patients have had their surgery, the majority were discharged home the day after their joint replacement. Here is just one communication release from the Royal Surrey.

''Spring is certainly here and change is in the air at Royal Surrey. I have been really excited to hear about work being done by Kate Gill, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon, and anaesthetic colleagues Sam Huddart and Nial Quiney on a new procedure for fast-track hip and knee replacement for patients. This incredible work means that patients are able to go home the day after surgery for what has in the past been a four-day hospital stay. Kate and her colleagues are hopeful that some patients may soon get home on the same day as their surgery. But thanks to the work of Kate and colleagues the first few patients were on their feet by 5 pm having gone to theatre in the morning.

This approach, which involves a more targeted use of anaesthetic, allowing quicker mobilization and recovery alongside a multi-disciplinary approach to recovery and after care, means a reduced hospital stay for patients and ability for them to recover in their own home which has a number of benefits for them and the NHS……….a big well done to Kate and all involved."

Louise stead, CEO Royal Surrey County Hospital